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The Value of Using End-of Life Death Doula Services

Reduce stress and burden

•Reduce hidden costs

•Increase choices and quality of life

•Enhance coping skills

•Optimize health care resources

•Normalize the death process

•Assist with the grieving process

The Role of Death Doulas in MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying)

Death doulas are non-funeral, non-medical and non-legal practitioners but we can play a key role in shifting end-of-life care to a patient-directed system by bringing non-judgmental support to patients and serving as their advocate. This is particularly needed for eligible patients who would like the option of medical aid in dying.

As a Death Doula I Do Not:

 -Perform any medical tasks

 I can provide non-medical tasks like oral hydration swabs, applying   lotion and gently massaging hands, and other comforting holistic procedures. I will sit with you until your final moments if in a vigil situation.

 -Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

 This is your journey and only your journey. I will respect your needs, beliefs, desires and wishes. 

 -Make decisions for you 

 I can attentively listen to you as you make your own decisions. I can ensure that these decisions are communicated to your family. I can help you find the words to self-advocate. I can remind the stakeholders of your decisions.

As a Death Doula:

As a Death Doula, I have a unique place among the many compassionate people who offer end-of-life care in the South Shore and Halifax regions of Nova Scotia. I am the companion who walks with the dying and their families towards the distant light, empowering, educating, and supporting families in their experience of the dying process. Whether holding vigil by a bedside, or offering public workshops and presentations, I seek to bring the stability and peace of mind that facilitate a dignified death. Drawing on my experience as a teacher of 32 years, I offer educational programmes and Death Cafés which promote the Death Positive Movement.

My approach is authentic, holistic, and person-centred. The support I offer is specific to each client’s needs, beliefs, and wishes.  Consider me to be your guide, companion, sounding board and reality checker.  I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds. I offer my services to those families who are dealing with grief, including the loss of pets. In any of situation, diagnosis, or illness, at any time I look forward to working with you, either on-line or in-person.

“Everyone eventually walks this path; no one need walk it alone.”

Types of losses that lead to grief which may benefit from working with a death doula:

  1. Loss of health

  2. Loss of a job

  3. Loss of financial stability

  4. Loss of a relationship (e.g., separation, death, divorce)

  5. Retirement 

  6. Miscarriage 

  7. Expiry of a pet

  8. Loss of a dream 

  9. Loss of a friend 

  10. Loss of a home 

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