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Distant Light
Death Doula Services provided by
Janet Clattenburg
My Story

I have always been fascinated by the concept of life and death. My favourite childhood memories are those where I played "death and dying" with my dolls. Living next to a graveyard during half of my childhood was my favourite home.


I offer my services to those families who are dealing with losing any loved one (flesh, fur, feathered, etc.).

My approach is holistic, individual and person-centered with a goal of providing quality care. My support is specific to the client's needs, beliefs, desires and aligned with their wishes. I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds.


People often associate death with the preparation of a will, but have you also thought of the journey along the way? The best time to begin this journey is when one is healthy, but an even better plan is to start now.  

It all starts with a conversation. For example, have you prepared your Personal Directive? Have you discussed what your ideal funeral entails? Would you like to have a Living Wake or create a Legacy Project while you are still able? Are you having difficulty coming to terms yourself with your own mortality or that of a loved one? Do you require assistance with grief and bereavement? Have you appointed someone who can advocate for your wishes? Do you require someone to vigil or to provide non-medical care for the dying loved one while you as a caregiver have an opportunity for some much-needed self-care? Are you struggling with the loss of a pet? 

Regardless of situation, diagnosis, illness, or timing I look forward to working with you.


My training

Douglas College End of Life Doula

IAP College Death Doula

Courses taken in the following areas (ongoing training):





Crossed cycle breathing techniques


Dealing with stress- managing anxiety, anger and frustration

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

EFT Tapping


Grief and bereavement counselling


Mental First Aid



Reiki (animal and human)

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